We always try to be as clear as possible, but sometimes you may need further information. Below you find an update FAQ knowledge base for our Summer University Wild Taste Of Friuli. We will post Q&A, every time we will receive general inquiries in our mailbox, so that you can find almost everything you need just one click away from you!

Do I need a VISA?

Yes, you do if you are a citizen of a non-Schengen country. For further information on how to get an invitation letter and any more detail about the process to request a VISA, please contact us.

How expansive is Udine?

You can buy a bus ticket for €1,25, a slice of pizza costs you €1,50/2,00, a great sandwich is sold at €3,00, up to €5,00 depending on the ingredients. Taxis are really expansive and a ride starts from €6,80 (fixed minimum rate) and charged €0,80/km. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about anything as all the organizers will show you the right places for a travelling AEGEEan.

How is the weather in Udine?

This page will be online in March, so we are not aware of the weather forecasts for the end of July : )
Usually we have amazing sunny days in the summer and the temperature could be quite high (up to 35°C).

How can I reach the gym?

Good question. We said that taxi service is quite expansive, so the best option would be a bus ride from the train station. Anyway, as soon as you will be selected as our participants, our Incoming Responsible will send you all the Travel Tips in detail.

Will there be a place to cook some food for the European Night?

Unfortunately no. Our gym does not have a kitchen.