Travel Tips

We start our journey in Udine on the 20th of July and the departure is on the 31st of July and our acccomodation place will be:

Via delle scienze 100
33100 – Udine

Incoming Hotline +39 0432 030085 option 2

Our accomodation place

How to get to Udine

Here you have all the information for a safe and relaxed trip to Udine and back to your home.

1. BUS (National or International lines)

You can take a bus to Udine bus station from your country. Here you find a list of intenational bus companies connecting Udine with other countires.


Check this powerful web site (OBB) to find if there is any good and cheap train connetion from your city to Udine train station.  For all connections within Italy, visit the Trenitalia website.

You can buy tickets for long-distance services (Frecciargento, Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, EN and IC services) in advance, however local train (indicated with or Rv) tickets can be bought online just up to 7 days before departure or directly at the train station without surcharge.


You can take a train to Udine train station from the closest station to the airport you’ll fly from. Browse the Trenitalia website to find the train schedule.

Try Skyscanner is a good way to find flights!

Here a list of the nearest airports you can fly to:


GoOpti is an affordable transfer service offering rides to and from airports and bus/train stations of one city to another city with mini-vans. If you manage to book the trasnfer in advance, it is usually cheaper than the train ticket and it’s reliable.

Your drop-off location has to be Via delle Scienze, 100, 33100 Udine UD, Italy.

How to get to the accomodation

The departure platforms of the city bus lines are located right outside the train station.

Lines 6 and 10 connect the train station with the CUS, our accomodation place.

The bus ticket costs €1,25 and lasts 60′ from monday to saturday and 240′ during sunday and Public Holidays. You can buy the ticket at the vending machines outside the station, at the newspaper shop in the main hall. If you want to buy it directly from the bus driver, the cost is €2,00.

To find out more about connections and timetables, you can use the Google Maps app on your smartphone, selecting the public transport option from the top-bar.

Line 6

First ride: 7.04 – Last ride: 20:14

Departure: FERROVIA, lato Europa (opposite side to the station), viale Europa Unita 99.
Arrival stop: FRESCHI/Cotonificio, via Freschi, direzione parcheggio via Chiusaforte.

When getting-off the bus, turn right and go straight for about 150m till the crossroad, while keeping the bus stop on your back side. Continue walking straight on the street that you find in front of you, on the other side of the road, Via delle Scienze. About 200m further you can see the gym on the left.

Line 10

Morning timetable (7:03 – 14:28) | Evening timetable (11:22 – 19:55)
First ride: 7.06 – Last ride 19.55

Line 10 is called “circular” and connects the city centre with the Scientific Campus of the University and the main Hospital. We suggest you to take the CIRCOLARE DESTRA (the right circle line) as it is faster than the other one.

Departure: FERROVIA, lato Europa (lato opposto alla stazione), viale Europa Unita 99.
Arrival stop: LABORATORI UNIVERSITA’ RIZZI, via delle scienze, fronte 99.

When getting-off the bus, turn right and go straight for about 100m, while keeping the bus stop on your back side. You will see the gym on your left side. Follow the slope on your left and enter the gym.

Special needs or late arrival

In case you are planning to arrive late at the station, or you need further information/tips for your incoming. Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you reaching Udine in the easiest and relaxing way possible.